TVR Supercars

Celebrating the classic British line

It’s all gotten grey. The same car. The same job. The same route to work over bland and meaningless roads. Something’s got to change, and you’ve got to change it. Buy a new car.

Buy a car that thrills you. Let’s be honest. Only a few cars provide the soul-stirring rush of adrenaline that you need. Only a car that pins you to the back of the seat can make you forget about your identity-crushing job.

Get on the internet and (more…)

British car racing is still just as popular now as it was decades ago. More and more people enjoy watching all of the races that are held each year with their favorite drivers. While the future is uncertain for some drivers, you might find that it is easy to learn what to expect when you use the Internet to your immediate advantage. When using the Internet, you will be able to see when the future races are going to be held and which drivers are going to (more…)

Tucker Motor Company didn’t last long, but they created big waves. The Tucker 48, the only model ever made, had a number of innovations such as rear engine/rear wheel drive, four wheel independent suspension, an H-6 engine with three cylinders on each side and a headlight in the middle of the front of the car which could be turned in any direction.

Bad luck dogged the company from birth. At the premiere of the Tucker 48, the car that was to be driven onto a platform in front of 3,000 prospective buyers developed a coolant leak and sprayed anti-freeze on (more…)

Advancements in automotive technology and design have seen radical changes in both the look and substance of today’s vehicles. The Leading edge of modernism has brought forth a whole generation of vehicles that are nothing short of groundbreaking. With new innovation and design specifications that would have amazed auto manufactures and consumers alike even a decade ago, today’s cars are a far cry from their predecessors.

New devices like global positioning sensors, on board televisions with video playback and safety (more…)

Britain has always had a rich automobile history. From Aston Martins to Minis to TVR there is always something new and interesting coming out of the U.K., but one of the more unique manufacturers, Noble Automotive, doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve.

Established in 1999 in Barwell, Leicestershire, England their debut car was the M10. Very few were made as buyers withdrew their money in favor of the upcoming M12. The M12 appeared in 2000 and was a very popular car. Powered by a turbo V6 and with a fiberglass composite body, the M12 would do 0-60 (more…)

Everybody loves performance. Whether it is in the world of money or cars, performance is the key. There are two types of performance. There is the bad kind when the stock market takes a dive and people end up losing money. There is the good kind of performance when a motor runs like new after an overhaul. With cars it is important that performance is maintained. When a family leaves for a vacation in a vehicle that is not performing well (more…)

The British city of Blackpool is one of several communities in the British Isles where automotive design is still practiced. At one time the nation was home to many small and independent auto manufacturers. Blackpool, Coventry and Abingdon were just a few of the towns where the British auto industry flourished.

Blackpoo l remains the home of an automotive design center and college. The design college in Blackpool provides a degree program in automotive design and engineering for students seeking to enter (more…)

Well-informed TVR enthusiasts know that founder Trevor Wilkinson’s first car was built on an Alvis Firebird chassis. But just what do they know about the now-defunct Alvis Ltd?Alvis was based in the historic British “motor city” of Coventry. Viewers of BBC America on direct tv may have seen the city in series like Angels, Keeping Up Appearances, and Doctor Who. Alvis was founded as TG John and Co. Ltd. in 1919, producing “stationary engines, carburetor bodies, and motorscooters” (“Alvis Cars,” Wikipedia). The name change to Alvis is unexplainedit may be related to the Norse weaponsmith Alviss. In any case, the name was changed in 1921, a year after production on the first Alvis 10/30 began. (more…)

When a brand’s as distinctive as TVR, the fans are equally unique. Admirers of TVR cars can come together in the TVR Car Club, which was originally founded in 1962 as a small London-based group of super-fans. Today, the club has over 7000 members and operates around the world. (more…)

In the late 1990s, there was a war going on in the roads. The McLaren F1 was dominating sports car makers everywhere with its futuristic design, and in 1998 set the still-unbroken record for fastest production car worldwide, 240 mph. British maker TVR, however, was not about to take this challenge lying down, and in 1996 displayed the first model of the TVR Project 7/12. The 7 referred to the number of liters in the engine, although it was actually 7.7, and the 12 stood for the number of cylinders. The engine could produce over 1000 horsepower and was so expensive to build that only five are known. (more…)